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Website Design

You’re reading this because you need a new website – be it a website redesign or brand new site built from the ground up – and you’ve come to the right place. The most important part of creating a new website is the planning and design phase because, if this is not done properly things will go wrong further down the line.

Your website is generally the first impression you get to make on a potential customer so don’t waste the opportunity by having a mediocre design, drop me a line and lets create some magic!

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website development

Website Development

There are a few different types of websites so the right one for your company will depend on your goals and priorities. For example, you may need a static brochure website which has a 4-5 pages with content that never changes. On the flipside you may need a dynamic website with a Content Management System or a shopping cart so you can add new pages, write blog articles and list all your products from the comfort of your own office.

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search engine optimisation

Search Engine Optimization

You’ve got an amazing, fresh website, you’ve listed all your products and your warehouse is ready to start shipping to customers. The problem is, your website has no traffic. Why? Because nobody knows you’re out there.

I can optimise your site for search engines and create online advertising campaigns to help drive customers to your website so you can sit back, relax and watch the cash flow in*.

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*Disclaimer: This may not be entirely true, you’ll probably have to do some work.

hosting emails & domains

Website Hosting & Emails

Hosting is the computer which your website calls home. Some hosts are like ghettos with hundreds and sometimes thousands of different websites all crammed into one computer. This negatively impacts website performance and can cause security issues. I can move your website out of the ghetto and into a nice shiny villa with a pool.

As well as hosting, I can help with other technical stuff such as domain name registration or domain name transfers. Need unlimited storage for you emails? No problemo. Want emails on-the-go? Just ask.

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