who I am

I’m Piers Line, a British freelance website designer Dubai. I was born in Somerset, England in 1981, moved to the UAE in 1990 and I’ve been involved in the world of websites since 2005.

In my spare time (pfffft!) I enjoy reading about website design and development, playing football, watching football and talking about football. I support Manchester City. If you’re a United fan I’d gladly take on your project for an additional fee :) As well as football I love technology, motorsport, cars in general, indie/rock music and most of all, my family.

I love freelance website designer Dubai

my skills

Being a British freelance website designer Dubai, I have to wear many hats – I have a great collection – but I also have to be good at everything I do. Fortunately for you I am. I’m also very modest, dashingly handsome and a good cook. Having said that, the world of website development is in a constant state of flux, new technologies appear and old ones evolve which makes life as a freelance website designer Dubai an ongoing learning curve. There are many different web development languages and tools that I could use to build your website. Below are the main tools I use and my proficiency.


HTML is the language used to structure websites. It’s interpreted by your browser to render text, images and other elements and we’re currently on version 5 which allows us to do some rather nifty stuff!


CSS is an acronym for Cascading Style Sheets. These stylesheets allow us to present the HTML in pretty ways – page layouts, colours, different font styles and so on – and was designed to enable us to separate our content from our presentation


WordPress was originally conceived as a blogging platform but has spawned into the worlds most popular Content Management System (CMS). It’s what my website is built on and, if you allow me, it’s probably what yours will be built on.


PHP is another programming language but one that is interpreted server-side (rather than through the browser). It is what WordPress is written with and allows us to develop dynamic websites.


There are a few ways to design a website, I prefer to use Photoshop. It’s a complex, powerful and utterly brilliant tool that allows me to quickly create wireframes which, upon client sign-off can be used to create the final design. Plus it’s good for editing photos of my brother to make him look funny.