Wordpress Development - Save Me Money Dubai

Save Me Money

The client knew all about debt and wanted to use his personal experiences as a learning tool for others to avoid the same pitfalls.  They wanted to create a community where residents of Dubai laden with debt could talk freely and anonymously about their situations without being judged.  The final site, built with Wordpress, is mobile-friendly and lets the client create and schedule new articles to ensure a constant flow of new content.  The forum, an integral part of the community, is built on vBulletin and has some minor customisations.

Charlie & sarah website design

Charlie & Sarah

Charlie and Sarah are getting married in the summer of 2016 and they wanted a fun website that invitees could use to find out more info about the wedding and RSVP. I kept things simple by using a single page web design for a quick overview of the wedding. It will also have a live feed of guests photos on the big day.

unique days out website design

Unique Days Out

A start-up enterprise based on the south coast of England, Unique Days Out offers customers access to sold out events and concerts across the United Kingdom. In order to achieve this they needed the whole kit and caboodle - starting with their brand identity all the way through to an eCommerce website and everything in between. Built on Wordpress I utilised the WooCommerce to handle the catalogue and shopping cart processes which is linked seamlessly to their PayPal account for fast and secure payment. As with all new website designs this had to be a responsive website to work on all manor of devices.



StorAll is the leading self-storage solution provider in Dubai. In addition to self-storage, StorAll offer warehousing and 3PL services, and have state-of-the-art security systems to protect your valuable storage items. StorAlls existing website was Flash with a static HTML site behind it for SEO. It looked pretty and attained decent results in search engine result pages but they wanted more. They realised they needed to be top of Google, not just 10th, and they realised they wanted to update their website. Well now they can with their new Wordpress website.

josh bunter

Josh Bunter

Josh Bunter is a future Motocross World Champion and needed a website befitting. Built using Wordpress the website allows his team to update fans on race results and championship standings. The site is a comprehensive media outlet with images and videos of Josh as well as advertising space for his sponsors.

edenbeck rail

Edenbeck Ltd

Edenbeck Ltd is one of the UK's leading asbestos remediation firms. From labour supply to full hazardous material abatement in domestic and industrial settings, Edenbeck Ltd offers cost-effective solutions for any project. Edenbecks existing website was created using a drag-and-drop tool from their hosting provider. It did the job initially however they realised that a more professional approach would be beneficial in attracting new clients and servicing existing ones. The fresh design, re-organised content and integrated CMS makes updating the site quick and easy.

NeuroLeadership Group Middle East

The Neuroleadership Group is a global human performance consultancy with operations in 39 cities in 24 countries drawing from the latest findings in neuroscience. Their remit was to have a website dedicated to the Middle East to increase sales for their coaching courses as well as secure hosting and a reliable email platform.

Eleven Parallel Sourcing

Eleven Parallel Sourcing specialises in sourcing products worldwide and is a leader in bringing innovative products to the local market. As a startup they approached me with a blank canvas and contracted me to create their branding, stationary and website. Their simple, brochure website is built on Wordpress which will allow them to add new pages as they expand their range of products and services.

responsive website design for Louise Harrison Couture

Louise Harrison Couture

Louise Harrison Couture is a Dubai based, British designer of womens resortwear kaftans, evening wear wraps and fascinators for weddings and the races. I was asked to develop a fully fledged eCommerce website that enabled them list all their products and sell worldwide. I developed the website using OpenCart and custom php and it has a responsive design to work on all devices.