Obviously I’m a freelance web designer so I’m going to say USE ME! but let me explain why a freelancer may be a better fit for your organisation than a full-service agency.

Cost implication

The most obvious reason is that, to put it bluntly, a freelance web designer will be cheaper than an agency. A freelancer won’t typically have large offices, teaboys, sales people, project managers, UX designers, front end developers, back end developers, SEO specialists, managers, partners, shareholders. Indeed it’ll be one person wearing all of those hats so evidently costs will be cheaper.

Single point of contact

If you have a website designed by an agency there are various channels through which your website will go through before being launched. How easy will it be to convey a message to the project manager who then has to convey a message to the designer? There are opportunities abound for things to get lost in translation, however working with a freelance web designer can eliminate those issues. A freelancer will be your single point of contact throughout the process and will, in all likelihood, be the only person planning, designing, developing and deploying your website. If anything goes wrong, you know who is responsible. It’s like having a hotline to the Project Manager, Designer and the Managing Director. Perfect!

Transparancy & flexibility

Contracting a freelance web designer will give you confidence that the person who sold you their services is the person who will be implementing them. I’ve seen it all too often when a salesman goes into a meeting promising the earth but the client gets a website that just doesn’t do what was expected. You can also be certain that whilst most agencies work standard office hours, your freelancer will be working overtime and late into the night to deliver what was expected.

I’m not saying a freelance web designer is the correct option for you, but if the above resonates with you feel free to contact me to discuss your next project.

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